Selling Farms

sold Selling your farm, land or recreational property can be a hard decision to make. It’s essential that the agent you chose understands and respects your goals as well as conduct themselves ethically and professionally to get the job done right. Farm sales have many more facets than a residential sale. We have experience handling various zoning, development rights, preservation programs and more that can affect your sale. We are agents who specialize in farm and land sales in addition to residential sales. This isn’t a hobby or a part time job for us: it is a task we take seriously. Our Agents all have backgrounds in agriculture and related industries and have a vast network of contacts in fields related to farming. These relationships create a strong network of buyers. We know what’s going on the ground level. Additionally, we employ state of the art technology to share your property through internet marketing to reach other Agents and National Buyers. The primary sites we use branch out to hundreds more. We have Realtors located throughout Pennsylvania. We work together as a team to expose your property throughout  the state! Our contacts, market knowledge and cutting edge technology all combine to a powerful farm selling process. These are the steps we take to sell your farm, land or recreational property:

  • Expose your property to  our vast network of contacts
  • Visit the surrounding farm owners to see if there’s interest
  • Web marketing: Upload photos, documents and details onto:
    • Beiler-Campbell .com
    • Land
    • Lands of

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